So, you think technology has changed the world? You ain’t seen nothing yet! The next five to ten years will change the way we live and work in ways we can’t yet imagine. Get yourself ready to survive and prosper by starting to think about the future now. This session considers how an understanding of technological change combined with a clear purpose and vision can position your business for tomorrow’s success.

On Monday 28 August, we’re pleased to have local resident, Wayne Aspland, speaking at SpringDale’s next Business Breakfast, which is part of the Geelong Small Business Festival. Wayne has been involved in the digital industry for 20 years and now works as a strategic communications consultant, helping organisations articulate their future and what they’re doing to achieve it.
In his presentation, Wayne will be asking you a simple question… are you ready for tomorrow?

Over the next 10 to 15 years, a swathe of emerging technologies – like robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things – will redefine our homes, workplaces and communities.

Some industries will fall, while new ones will rise. The way we work will change dramatically. In fact, many of today’s jobs will disappear. On one level, this is a frightening future. But there’s a silver lining. This rapid technological change has the potential to drive new growth, increase Australia’s competitiveness and create new opportunities for innovative Australian businesses.

For this to happen, however, we need to start talking… now. We need to understand what’s coming and prepare for it. We need to be planning not only at a national level, but within our communities and businesses as well.

Wayne will kick this discussion off by talking about what’s coming, what it means and what we, as small business owners, can do to make the most of this exciting, but challenging, future.

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